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Chase The Shadow – A Multiplayer Project

The name of the next game will be “Chase The Shadow” – a simple, turn-based multiplayer game.

Something you can play when you have a little spare-time or are trying to procrastinate what you are actually supposed to be doing right now!

Game Play

As already mentioned, it is a turn-based multiplayer game – something similar to chess. However, you will control only one figure on the board, instead of many.

Spell scrolls spawn randomly on the board, which you have to pick up and use to win the game.

I don’t want to go into more details than that until there is a prototype for you to play! Obviously, it is connected to the name “Chase The Shadow”.

Art Style

In the past I have always used free assets that developers are allowed to use for any project (commercial or non-commercial). This time, I will try to create some of my own pixel art assets for the game.

How many will actually make it into the game will depend on how much I like what I’ve created. After all, I want the game to look good!

A first view of what I’ve tried is the little red-hooded face at the beginning of this dev post.

Hiring Artists

However, the reasoning behind it is that I should really at least try to learn pixel art.

How much time I’ll invest into learning pixel art depends mostly on how much money I make in the future. If I am still on a very tight budget, I better learn to create pixel art assets myself quickly!

If I can invest more into my games, then I would much more prefer to hire a pixel artist and focus on programming exciting game play to bring the assets to live.

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated! If you are curious about “Chase The Shadow”, follow me on Twitter to be informed about updates immediately: @thejamespierce.

Planning a Game: Editor or Multiplayer?

Client Work: Huge, Beautifully Designed Game

It has been very quiet the last few months here on There is a lot of client work to do and it has been taking up all my time.

However, I cannot wait to show you when this game is finished (with the client’s permission)! It is a huge project with singleplayer & multplayer, and a ton of beautiful artwork has been created for it, as well as top-notch sound effects.

Anyways, as this client project will be finished in the next 1 1/2 months, it is time to start drafting for a new game on I have two very simple prototypes ready, but I have not decided yet, which one will be used to create a full game.

Prototype 1: Level Editor

One prototype has a level editor, which means you would be able to create your own levels and play them. As a future feature, it would be possible to share these levels online with others and play levels created by others.

Of course, the base mechanics of the game are also very fun – physics based real-time game with some puzzle elements to it.

Prototype 2: Multiplayer

The other prototype would be a turn-based multiplayer game. I have built real-time multiplayer games before based on Node.JS but this one would be turn-based through Ajax calls and running on PHP.

It would be a 1vs1 game with chess-elements but set in a fantasy world. Future elements would be a persistent personal profile to unlock achievements and level up.

Future Announcement

Once I know which game will be developed next, I will announce it here on the blog. Eventually I would like to make both of them for you of course!

Zenva’s First Phaser Hackathon

Lasts week, Zenva announced their very first Phaser Hackathon! This is great news for many reasons. And if you haven’t heard about this competition yet, you should keep reading.

Phaser Competitions

The hackathon runs from July 6th through to July 30th and is an online competition for Phaser game devs. There are many game dev jams & competitions; however, they are almost always for downloadable games only.

There are really not many HTML5 game jams or competitions like this one. Even less for the Phaser framework!

That’s why I am so excited that this is happening.

My Game?

As you can imagine, I would be the first so participate in this hackathon. Unfortunately, it collides exactly with client work & a family vacation that has been planned for almost a year now… I don’t know about your family, but mine wouldn’t understand if I stayed at home to create a game during this vacation. It sucks but that’s life.

Go Again

I really hope this hackathon will be a huge success. Not only should Zenva be rewarded for reaching out to us HTML5 game devs, but I also hope a success will entice them to create a second hackathon in the near future.

And if this online competition becomes successful, I hope it will motivate other organizers to create more HTML5 game dev jams, Phaser hackathons and other HTML5 competitions in the future.

You Should Submit!

If you are already a game dev, or have an interest in game dev, you should push yourself to participate in Zenva’s First Phaser Hackathon.

Phaser is a great framework to create HTML5 games and if you have the time, why not use this hackathon as an opportunity to finally get a whole game done?

Good luck! I can’t wait to see all the submitted games.

For more info, see Zenva’s Phaser Hackathon Page.

Preview: Beginning of a Level Editor

The newest game that is in development will also have a level editor, so you can create your own levels to play through!


I have been meaning to create a level editor for a while already but haven’t had the right set-up to do it properly from the start. With this newest game, I am creating this level editor for myself first so I can create many interesting levels for you to play through.

After that, I want to implement this editor into the game with more polish and make it optimized for touch-input. This means mobile players can create their own levels equally well.

What you see in the gif

In the gif above you can see how I’m adding the first game object from the library to the current level: a simple platform. In the top-right corner you can also see the + and – buttons to adjust the height of the level. The width of the level is fixed to keep the game optimized for mobile gameplay.


Obviously, the editor is currently for dev use only and thus the graphics are quite ugly. I hope I can make it much more polished and fun-looking by the time the editor is added to the game.

Sharing Levels

Whether you will be able to share levels is undecided, yet.

The name of the game has not been set yet, either; however, the current dev folder is called “Swipe Climber”.

Tap Racer: Surface Types & Car Tuning

Tap Racer is a mobile racing game with rogue-lite elements. A unique part of the game is tuning your car to do well on a track.

There are three surface types: Asphalt, sand, and dirt. Each track is made up of sections, as you will see in the example below.

Example: “Paris” Track

Let’s take the “Paris” track as an example:

In the image above, you can see very clearly how the track is split up in sections of different surface types: grey is asphalt, beige is sand, and brown is dirt.

Tuning Your Car

As already mentioned, tuning your car is important to do well. Wheels, suspension, and body together determine speed and maneuverability.

Here is a table that summarizes the upgrades from the garage:

Increases drifting speed
Change lanes faster
Accelerate faster
Engine Level:
Increases Max Speed
Asphalt Hard Rubber Hard Low applies to all types
Sand Soft Rubber Medium Normal applies to all types
Dirt Spiked Soft High applies to all types

Money & Strategy

Money is limited in the game. That’s why you need to find the upgrade that will help you the most.

If the track is 60% asphalt but the asphalt sections have barely any curves, then buying Hard Rubber Wheels will hardly benefit you.

Once you have upgraded your car and started the race, remember what your strengths are and drive accordingly.

With a bit of practice, winning will become easy and you will be able to unlock the cool bonus cars!

To play the game, click here: Tap Racer Game

Squares Vs Circles Released: Mobile Puzzle Game

A new game with a new style of gameplay is released: Squares Vs Circles!

This Puzzle Game is as unique and quirky as its title. People will have fun tapping the Squares to defend against the angry Circles!

But why are the Circles so mean to the Squares? Because Squares are not perfectly round, they have edges… something to think about!

– Tap the Squares to toggle their position: defensive or vulnerable.
– Tapping is required to make the Circles advance, so choose your Squares smart and carefully!

– 15+ Levels (more to be added depending on player requests)
– 3+ Worlds: Forest, Winter, Desert (more can be added)
– 3 Types of Squares: Normal, Lazy, and Coward
– Scaling difficulty
– Semi-randomized Levels for tons of replayability
– Interactive introduction

Now what are you waiting for?

Put your puzzle hat on and try Squares Vs Circles!