Mobile Games

Rabbit Warrior:

You are the brave Rabbit Warrior: Activate all the shrines and protect the core from attacking demons. Defend yourself with various weapons against giant spiders, that spawn from each new activated shrine. Collect stars to unlock new levels and outfits for your Rabbit Warrior!

Play Link: Rabbit Warrior Game

Kung Fu Clicker:

Fight to the top of the tower, each floor with increasing difficulty. Defeat the Djinn Elementals that are attacking the tower: Punch them to destroy them and block their attacks to collect their essences in the correct order. You can punch & block simply by tapping the screen.

Play Link: Kung Fu Clicker Game

Desktop Games

Crazy Driver Arcade:

There is only one simple rule: Do not run out of gas! Use the Arrows Keys or WASD to change direction, don’t get stuck in traffic cones and evade the UFOs.

Play Link: Crazy Driver Arcade Game


These games are currently under development without an ETA at the moment. Check the dev blog for updates.

Tap Racer:

Mobile Racing Game: Tap the buttons to switch lanes and find the fastest route to beat the competition.

Play Link: Tap Racer Prototype


Online Multiplayer Arena Brawler, runs in a 3D space with 2D graphics. Use this prototype link to jump around the arena in 3D space.

Play Link: SquareHeads Prototype