Planning a Game: Editor or Multiplayer?

Client Work: Huge, Beautifully Designed Game

It has been very quiet the last few months here on There is a lot of client work to do and it has been taking up all my time.

However, I cannot wait to show you when this game is finished (with the client’s permission)! It is a huge project with singleplayer & multplayer, and a ton of beautiful artwork has been created for it, as well as top-notch sound effects.

Anyways, as this client project will be finished in the next 1 1/2 months, it is time to start drafting for a new game on I have two very simple prototypes ready, but I have not decided yet, which one will be used to create a full game.

Prototype 1: Level Editor

One prototype has a level editor, which means you would be able to create your own levels and play them. As a future feature, it would be possible to share these levels online with others and play levels created by others.

Of course, the base mechanics of the game are also very fun – physics based real-time game with some puzzle elements to it.

Prototype 2: Multiplayer

The other prototype would be a turn-based multiplayer game. I have built real-time multiplayer games before based on Node.JS but this one would be turn-based through Ajax calls and running on PHP.

It would be a 1vs1 game with chess-elements but set in a fantasy world. Future elements would be a persistent personal profile to unlock achievements and level up.

Future Announcement

Once I know which game will be developed next, I will announce it here on the blog. Eventually I would like to make both of them for you of course!

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