Tap Racer Released: Rogue-Lite Racing Game

I am thrilled to finally say Tap Racer is released, a rogue-lite racing game optimized for mobile devices.

– Tap arrow buttons to switch lanes
– Car drives automatically

– Rogue-Lite elements
– Tune your car in the garage
– Unlock new cars and hard difficulty

Rogue-lite You Say?

The game is a nice mixture of racing and rogue-lite: For each race won you get dollars that you can spend in the garage to tune your car. Your car must constantly be adjusted to have the right equipment for the upcoming track. Preview the track, study its course and go in the garage to buy the right suspension, wheels and body.

Win 10 races in a row to win. But don’t worry if you lose, you will keep anything that you have unlocked during your tries. The combination of garage & unlocks are what bring the rogue-lite elements to the game and make winning so satisfying.

Play the game here: Tap Racer

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