Chase The Shadow – Map Preview

I can finally show you a preview of the map: This is where you will fight your duels!

Map Characteristics

As you’ve probably already noticed, I tried to give each quarter of the map a distinct look:

  • Pumpkin field
  • Barrels
  • Flower field
  • Rocks

Memorizing and predicting your opponents position will be crucial to win the duels. So I hope these distinct quarters of the map will help you in that.

At the same time, I also wanted the whole map to look coherent. That’s why everything is set on a grassy background.

Art Sources

So far I was drawing all assets for the game myself. For this map however, I couldn’t get anything worthwhile done.

The preview above uses tiles from this free tileset, designed by the amazing artist Luis Zuno (@ansimuz), which I’ve found on

At the point of writing this (Jan 13th 2018), the tileset is published under to CC0 licence in the public domain.

Day & Night

Before finishing up this dev post, I want to mention a little dilemma.

I really wanted the game to have a day & night cycle, where vision would be advantageous during the day and consequently hindered during the night.

Due to a lot of client work, progress on Chase The Shadow has been going very slow. And right now, I don’t know if I can add this feature.

If I can find a power weekend and get a playable prototype done very quickly, I think I will add it.

On the other hand, it is very important to me to finish the game in January because I want to start a new project in February. I have a lot of cool games planned for 2018.

I’ll post the decision in the next dev post!

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