Chase The Shadow – A Multiplayer Project

The name of the next game will be “Chase The Shadow” – a simple, turn-based multiplayer game.

Something you can play when you have a little spare-time or are trying to procrastinate what you are actually supposed to be doing right now!

Game Play

As already mentioned, it is a turn-based multiplayer game – something similar to chess. However, you will control only one figure on the board, instead of many.

Spell scrolls spawn randomly on the board, which you have to pick up and use to win the game.

I don’t want to go into more details than that until there is a prototype for you to play! Obviously, it is connected to the name “Chase The Shadow”.

Art Style

In the past I have always used free assets that developers are allowed to use for any project (commercial or non-commercial). This time, I will try to create some of my own pixel art assets for the game.

How many will actually make it into the game will depend on how much I like what I’ve created. After all, I want the game to look good!

A first view of what I’ve tried is the little red-hooded face at the beginning of this dev post.

Hiring Artists

However, the reasoning behind it is that I should really at least try to learn pixel art.

How much time I’ll invest into learning pixel art depends mostly on how much money I make in the future. If I am still on a very tight budget, I better learn to create pixel art assets myself quickly!

If I can invest more into my games, then I would much more prefer to hire a pixel artist and focus on programming exciting game play to bring the assets to live.

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated! If you are curious about “Chase The Shadow”, follow me on Twitter to be informed about updates immediately: @thejamespierce.

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