Pixel Memory Trailer & Updates

This is an announcement post concerning the puzzle game “Pixel Memory” (Phaser 3):

  1. YouTube Trailer
  2. Game Update: Bonus Guesses

1. Pixel Memory Trailer

We now have a little trailer for Pixel Memory on YouTube!

I’ve tried to keep the trailer as short as possible and make it highlight the most important features:

  • Classic Puzzle Game
  • Unlockable Cards
  • Profile Levels
  • Player Stats

2. Pixel Memory Update: Bonus Guesses

After the amazing suggestion on Twitter from @photonstorm I’ve added a new feature to the game: Bonus Guesses!

And this is exactly how it works: If you manage to find a matching pair on the cards’ very first flip, you receive +3 Bonus Guesses!

I think this will definitely help on the harder difficulty levels.

Click Here to Play: Pixel Memory

My first Phaser 3 Game!

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