Chase the Shadow – Week 1 in Review!

Chase the Shadow has been released exactly 1 week ago and a lot has happened!

Player Numbers

At the point of writing this, there has been the incredible number of 187 logins! Half of all the logins happened today (more about that in Mentions below.)

All players have been very friendly and I only had to delete one offensive chat entry (it was a swear-word in Russian). Even some “ggwp”-messages have started popping up!

Game Updates

I updated the game in a few ways:

  • Added a bouncing pixel-arrow to the “Guide” button to show new players they should click it.
  • Changed the chat color from black to white; much better on the eyes now.
  • The “Toggle Audio” button now also turns off the piano music from the intro, if it’s still running.
  • Added a message to the intro screen to contact me for a match if you are alone in the lobby.

Mentions & Listings

The game has been listed as “Staff Pick” in today’s Phaser Newsletter, which is just incredible! A lot of traffic has surged in thanks to that.

The game is now also listed on Indie Game Launchpad & Yunoia.

Future Updates

Right now I have no future updates planned for the game.

A good friend suggested adding a leaderboard or ranking system. Right now, there are no reasons to come back and play again. So I agree there should be a system like that.

However, adding leaderboards or rankings would require a registration & login system. So I think I could create a new game with more depth & polish instead of expanding Chase the Shadow.

It was a test-project to see how well a PHP online multiplayer game works and I think it was a success.

Click Here to Play: Chase The Shadow

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