Chase the Shadow – Gameplay Video

The game has advanced so much, it is not possible to show it anymore in a simple gif! Above you find a gameplay video.

Online 1vs1 Duels

The game is running online in a real multiplayer environment!

In the video above, I am also controlling the other player (blue) but they are indeed playing online through my server.

The turn-based nature is finally coming to live and I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the animations & all the visual feedback.

Also, I am proud to say that all new assets (fireballs, lightnings, shadows) in the game have been drawn by me!

Feature List

Here is a quick feature list of what you can see in the video:

  • Online 1vs1 Duels
  • Turn-Based Combat
  • Different spells to chose from (more to be added): Fireball, Lightning
  • Fluid Spell Animations
  • Hit & Miss Animations
  • Fluid Movement Animation
  • Enemy’s Shadow Shows Up

Day & Night Cycle

As discussed last time, it was still open whether or not we will have a day-night cycle in the game.

As you can see in the gameplay video, I’ve decided against it.

Not because it is a time issue but because the way vision works in the game has been altered.

It is already challenging enough to hit players. Reducing vision just doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Moreover, I think for a casual game it is actually going to be quite difficult.

So I want to remove as many confusing elements right now and focus on the core mechanic: Chasing the enemy’s shadow, predicting his new position, and winning the duel!

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